Myth: To be able to obtain quality Hospice care, a lot of money will need to be spent on it.

Fact: There are many options when it comes to paying for Hospice that lower expenses paid on your part. Most private insurances, as well as Medicaid and Medicare cover hospice care. Expenses paid by the client should be little to none.

Myth: You are unable to receive quality Hospice care at your own home.

Fact: We provide quality care where it is most convenient to the client, such as at home or at an assisted living facility. Our goal is to provide experienced clinical, emotional, and spiritual support to our patients, no matter their setting of choice.

Myth: Hospice is the last option you can take when you think doctors have done all they can.

Fact: Even if Hospice care is chosen, receiving health care from a professional can still be continued. Health care, provided by us through sources such as Physician and Nursing Services, allows for more managed pain and symptoms throughout the final stages of life.

Myth: Only the elderly can receive Hospice care.

Fact: Hospice care helps people with life-limiting illnesses remain pain-free, with support provided by both professionals and family. Thus, age is not a factor in the eligibility of this resource.

Myth: The care provided by Hospice ends when the patient passes away.

Fact: Our Bereavement services offer support and guidance to family, helping them find a way through their grief and help cope with a loss.